• laras-hair

    GNR 7 – Lara’s Hair

    Fab and Dave are in love. Fab's in love with the beautiful graphics of Rise of the Tomb Raider, while Dave wants to marry his new Pixel C.


    GNR 6 – Wa Du-Showxa ere Lang Belta

    We have a very special episode for you this time around. Our co-host Nick Farmer is the linguist who creates the Belter language for the TV show The Expanse and he explains to us how that works.

    Lieutenant Columbo

    GNR 5 – Bitcoin is Fucked

    This time on GNR, we talk about the recent troubles in the Bitcoin community, Dave reviews Guitar Hero Live and Fab gives his impressions on Star Wars VII. There’s more than two hours of show here and, as usual, lots of other things get covered too.

    Elite Dangerous: Horizons

    GNR 3 – Powered by Pure Plot

    We wish you a happy holiday and deliver to you the third GNR which is also the last episode of 2015. In this episode, we talk more about The Expanse, about M.C. Escher, Elite Dangerous: Horizons and about Mozilla’s plans, or lack thereof, for both Firefox OS and Thunderbird.