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Sixgun Productions: New media, new rules

Sixgun Productions is a small, independent media production studio that was founded in 2007 with the creation of the Linux Outlaws podcast. Currently, we also maintain a YouTube channel and produce the wargaming show Angels of Death. Everyone involved in the network is a strong believer in openness and transparency and everything we produce is released under free culture or free software licences. We also give our best to create as much content as possible with open source tools and always strive to share our knowledge.

Powered by Big VOur network is proudly supported by Bytemark and hosted on their Big V cluster. Bytemark is a local UK business and a friend and supporter of the open source community. They have sponsored the OggCamp unconference, which we have helped organise, for years and are now helping us keep our shows on the air.


Your hosts are: Fabian A. Scherschel, Dan Lynch and David Megins-Nicholas