Geek News Radio is Two Years Old

Geek News Radio is now two years old. We have an anniversary show coming up soon. In the meantime, Fab looks back at the last two years and speculates about what is ahead for the show.

Today, Geek News Radio turned two years old. Dave and I are actually planning to record an anniversary episode in the coming week, which will be GNR 52. We already have GNR 51 recorded (we did that last week), I just didn’t get around to releasing that episode yet. We’re on a bit of a backlog; with GNR 50 just released yesterday, I wanted to wait a few days before pushing out another episode. All that is to say that we’ll do the proper reminiscing and full-on nostalgia trip on episode 52. I just wanted to mark the official anniversary here with a few words.

I’m pretty happy that Geek News Radio has come this far. It’s probably no secret that I’ve struggled a bit to get the show up an running and keep it going. It was originally conceived as a podcast with a rotating panel of hosts, which never really came to pass. In practice it’s Dave and me running it with some guest hosts hopping on whenever they can. But the burden of getting a show out to listeners every two weeks definitely falls squarely on Dave and me. I’d also planned to be able to switch around recoding and release duties, which also hasn’t worked. In the last two years, I’ve produced and released every single episode of GNR. I’m not complaining about that, I’ve basically been running Sixgun on my own for years as well, but it should explain why episodes sometimes take a bit longer to appear than I’d like. With this in mind, getting the show to 50 episodes is quite an achievement, I reckon.

After Dan and me ended Linux Outlaws, I took a year off from podcasting. That was really nice, even though I’ve already completely forgotten what it felt like. All I know is that at the end of it, I was itching to get back into the game. Trouble is, being a journalist in today’s media landscape is already a pretty demanding job. Doing a fortnightly podcast on top of that – even with GNR’s very stripped down production and release setup – is very demanding. I would love to develop more shows and do podcasting full time, but at the moment that seems an impossible goal. Maybe, in the future, I can manage to turn podcasting into a part-time gig alongside my more traditional job as a web editor. I got some plans in that regard, but no idea if they are feasible. I’m definitely looking at options.

What does that all mean for Geek News Radio? Well, I think I can talk for Dave and myself when I say that we really love doing the show and that we don’t think it’ll go anywhere for the foreseeable future. I’d love to get our guest hosts on more often and get more diverse guests to broaden the show’s horizon and I will try to work on that for the coming year. Aside from that, you can probably expect the fortnightly drunken bants, crazy shenanigans and Slipper-y hot takes you are used to from the show as it is. Now that we made it to 50, we might as well tackle 100 episodes. It’s probably safe to say that GNR is past the podfade phase that claimed Angels of Death and Steel Rain.

P.S.: Yes, I’d love to have Dan back on the show. But he’s been dealing with some pretty bad shit over the last few years and I don’t want to push him. He has my full support, whatever he decides to do. If he decides he wants to be part of GNR (that was obviously my plan all along), he just needs to say the word and it’s done. And if he doesn’t, I respect that too.