Hello Again!

Everything old is new again. After half a decade, we’re starting the blog back up again. Because why not?

You might have noticed that I’m currently in the process of revamping the look of the site a bit. As part of this, I’m bringing the blog back. We used to have a blog on the ancient Linux Outlaws site and when I created Sixgun Productions, we also used to have one on here. After a while I got tired of writing things for it and at some point I closed it all down. Most of the content was actually lost in the move from Drupal to WordPress years ago.

These days, I’ve often felt we need a way of announcing things to the listeners that isn’t Twitter, Facebook or Discord. Something standalone that we have control over and that’s in a central place that is easy to get to for everyone. So I thought to myself: Why not start a blog? What a novel idea. Fab, you’re a genius! And so, there you have it. From now on we’ll keep you informed about what’s going on with Geek News Radio and other projects – oooooh, mysterious… – right here, on the site. Maybe there’ll even be Patreon news soon. Who knows.