Into the Black

I’m going on a six-months-long exploratory journey into the farthest reaches of the Elite Dangerous galaxy. Expect some video content of this to appear on the YouToube channel soon. And wish me luck.

Over the last few months, I haven’t played a lot of Elite Dangerous. This is why I’ve decided to take the game into a new direction for myself. I’ve sold a lot of my ships to buy an Orca, which I’ve kitted out as a deep space exploration vessel. The Marie Galante has passed the shakedown cruise with flying colours and if everything goes according to plan, I will leave for a six months long trip into the black later today.

The plan is to take off from Geston Port in PSPF-LF2, pick a direction across the galactic bulge from the Bubble and just keep going for as long as possible. The mission has been dubbed “Deep Space Exploration 1” (DSE-1) and should last until at least May 2018. If I don’t blow up before then. I’ll try to record relevant milestones and interesting discoveries along the journey and I aim to upload these as mission log videos to our YouTube channel.

As you might know, I’ve planned an Elite-based video show for quite a while. I’d named it Frame Shift and did produce a trailer and intro as well as credit sequences quite a while ago, but the concept of the show turned out to be too much work to realistically make it happen at the moment alongside my day job and Geek News Radio. I’m hoping to at least partially make up for Frame Shift never seeing the light of day with this new project.

You can subscribe to the YouTube channel to make sure you’ll not miss out on any of these videos, but I also plan to update you right here on the blog from time to time. Stay tuned. And wish me luck!