Danger: Site Maintenance Ahead

There might be some hiccups in the operation of the site for a while. Please stay calm, I’m working on it.

I’m currently rebuilding the whole Sixgun site behind the scenes. We’re switching from a single site installation to a multisite one in preparation of, maybe …some day…, launching another podcast. Don’t get excited, nothing is official yet. In any case, we are  a podcast network and as such would presumably like to host multiple shows at some point. And, as I’ve recently learned, to do that properly with Podlove, we need a multisite installation.

This is all inside baseball, however, as once I’m done with all this behind-the-scenes work, pretty much nothing, as far as the outside-facing user experience is concerned, should change. In other words: The site will have some minute changes, but in the end, it should work pretty much as it does now. The only reason I’m telling you this at all is that it’s a pretty complicated process and there’s a lot of stuff to test. So you might notice some links not working or even worse errors for a while. Don’t panic. I’m probably already fixing the issues as you notice them.

But if problems persist, please hit me up on Twitter and I’ll see what I can do. Otherwise, stay calm and watch the storm pass. I should have this all wrapped up and ready to go in a few days.