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A New Show & Some URL Changes

10 November 2013


We have launched a third show on the network and some of the URL structure of the site had to change in the process — Fab explains what’s new

In another attempt to finally get the elusive third show on the road, we have launched STEEL RAIN, a podcast about gaming. Releases will be sporadic and in addition to myself, both Dave and Dan will be involved, depending on the topic of the episode. We recorded and released the first instalment yesterday in which all three of us introduce ourselves by way of the games we love and love to hate — check it out!

While setting up the infrastructure for the show here on the site, I ran into several problems and limitations with my WordPress setup. I fixed them but in the end I had to change the underlying URL structure of the network in the process. Redirects for old links have been created, but from now on, please link to individual episodes as follows:

The structure will be as predictable as the old one was, so scripts that auto-fetch content can be changed as follows and will still reach the show notes:

/linuxoutlaws/(.*) /episodes/lo$1

The location of the actual audio files on the CDN will not change for the moment. Sorry if all of this caused inconvenience but there really was no way around it.

~ Fab