Angels of Death 1 – For the Emperor!

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We explain what this new show is about and how both of us came to the hobby. We also discuss our plans for building new armies for Sixth Edition.

You can find us on Google+: Fab, Dave …and on Twitter: @fabsh, @gcndavidmn

If all goes according to plan, this will be a fortnightly show. That being said, we have yet to establish a set schedule for recording episodes. For now, we want to see how people like this kind of thing and if they want more.


  1. PeteV says:

    Good first show guys, good content and clipping at a good pace!
    Congratz on a possible new show production.

  2. Coccopixie says:

    Oh dear ,

    i thought linux outlaws couldnt get any worse along came another pointless game show.

    this show is going nowhere… :(

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