Angels of Death 7 – Little Purity Seals

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The Imperial Defence Network

Brotherhood of the StormBrotherhood of the Storm by Chris Wraight

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A very nice novella. I’m really happy I got the signed limited edition, it was well worth it. A must read for any fan of the White Scars. This book explains the history, habits and fighting style of the legion and its primarch in detail and it does so while spinning an intriguing tale between three very different characters. You will see the White Scars from their own perspectives and from that of an outsider from the Imperial Army as well as witnessing a meeting between the Khan and Horus. All very well done. The story also starts to explain what the White Scars where up to while the Heresy began and how they missed a lot of it. Note the hint about the Alpha Legion symbol buried deep in the story, that will be important in the future, I’m sure.

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Please put textures on those backgrounds…