Linux Outlaws 152 – I Shot the Sheriff

0:01:12 Introduction

0:09:22 Releases & News

1:01:34 Microwatch

1:09:00 Jub-Jub

  • Software Tip: BleachBit, a tool to clean all kinds of history and unwanted remnants from your Linux system

1:10:37 Feedback

  • Donations: Thanks to Daniel Brinkers and Simon Vass!
  • Forums: YaMatt has compiled some awesome statistics of the last 150 LO episodes, more discussion on the forums
  • Serial donor Ryan Kohler wrote a really nice email
  • Tim LaFontaine got himself a Barnes & Noble Nook eBook reader but wanted a nice tool to convert books and upload them and found Calibre
  • We have some very cool audio feedback from Aussie St3v3
  • We received a ton of OggCamp emails including from Jake Roberts, Tony Webster and Nigel Verity
  • Matteo Mario Doni writes to tell us about an Android app he’s been involved with: My Bus Edinburgh
  • Simon Vass from Uganda brings us the latest Ugandan LUG news: on June 18, the Mbarara Uganda LUG will be meeting at the Mbarara University of Science and Technology — more info
  • Christopher wrote to tell us that Qt Community Manager Knut Yrvin has been on Norwegian TV in a talent show
  • Other emails this week from Justin, John47, John Scheuvront (who sent us beer for OggCamp), Markatto, Moriarty, Peter Brown, Eric Kilgore (aka. Igor948), Chris Tevyaw, Brewster, Rex Djere, FiftyOneFifty, B1ackcr0w …..again!, Tony “Hendo” Henderson, Andreas Marschke, Whym, Gareins and Lucas Nicolaus
  • Events: Hull LUG Monthly Meeting on Tuesday, June 1 (8pm) at the Old Grey Mare pub

Song: Dead Cowboy from the Sundance Kids