Linux Outlaws 153 – Tinfoil Wallpaper Millionaire

0:01:21 Introduction

0:17:36 Releases & News

1:07:51 Microwatch

1:16:32 Jub-Jub

  • Newton, a physics game for Android

1:17:50 Feedback

  • Donations: Thanks to Stewart Danziger and Scott Lavender!
  • Forums: Google’s playable Pac-Man
  • Chris Gilbert sent us an email about his new company Marvin Computers
  • Joe Ressington offered to help out with editing work for the show
  • Valent Turkovic writes from from Croatia to tell us about his new Fedora Remix
  • Gokce Mehmet AY writes us about having fun at the gym with Linux Outlaws
  • Other emails this week from Jim Nygård, Michael Dexter, Robin Catling, Aitor Pazos, Scott Lavender, Kristopher Schwab, Douglas Radcliffe, Neall McLaren and Andrew
  • Fab mentioned this blog post on joining the Fedora community

Song: Skeletons In Your Closet by Rick Fowler