Linux Outlaws 155 – There is No Fabian Stable

0:01:10 Introduction

0:09:55 Releases & News

0:43:36 Microwatch

0:58:35 Jub-Jub

  • Mini-Review: Fab talks a bit about MeeGothere really isn’t much to say right now

Ars Technica: MeeGo Linux platform gains allies at Computex

1:06:31 Feedback

  • Peter Brown says New Zealand is set to abandon software patents — this would be very cool if it actually works out
  • Andre writes with concerns over the Digital Economy Bill in the UK and downloading free software via torrents
  • Adam Thomas wrote to tell us he always listens while mucking out his horse stables and wonders if this is the strangest place people listen to Linux Outlaws?
  • After we recently talked about this topic, Billy Crook writes to tell us that he apparently also listens to us in the gym
  • Borgy says hello and says our podcast keeps him in the loop about Linux while he’s living downunder
  • Other emails this week from Xavier Sythe, Joni Larsen-Haikarainen, Andrew, Anthony C., Amiel Desbiens, Stefan, Boryslav Larin, Jonathan Nadeau, Ando in Dublin, Ryan and good old Alistair Munro
  • Events: GUADEC, July 26-30 in The Hague / Fosscon 2010, June 19 in Rochester, NY
  • There won’t be a live show at the usual time next week because of the World Cup

Song: Zinedine Zidane by Blue Swerver from the album The Art Of Collapsing