Linux Outlaws 156 – Blame the Uwe Seeler

0:01:08 Introduction

0:11:21 Releases & News

0:47:58 Microwatch

0:57:06 Interview

Fab interviews Ade Bradshaw of LugRadio fame and all-around bald hero about LinuxTag 2010 which he recently attended.

They talk about Microsoft sponsoring LinuxTag, Lennart Poettering and systemd, Deltacloud,, SUSE Studio, Club-Mate, the fact that Ade doesn’t like football and much more.

1:38:51 Feedback

  • Donations: Thanks to Cynthia Cynthia, Andreas, Henry Standing, Stephen Kellat, L.M. Driel, Dylan Thiedeke and thanks to everyone who flattr‘d us!
  • Audio feedback: Christopher (who didn’t leave a surname) sent us his own mix of our show entitled Linux Cloudlaws, we also got a great recording of a story from Jon Kulp, our classical guitar playing, skateboarding forum hero
  • Ebcdic Zehetbauer likes Red Dead Redemption and suggests we should have a Linux Outlaws Posse on the multiplayer there
  • Simon Redfern tells us about the Open Bank Project which he’s involved with
  • Adrian Sobotta wrote to tell us about his collaborative, Creative Commons licensed book promoting green IT
  • Beni Keller listens to us while on the train to work, while cycling, while running and while cleaning his toilet, he says
  • crabbypup has released a beta of a new distro/respin called Mystery Netbook Theatre, NYBill also helped out with a cool wallpaper — check it out over at the forums
  • Adam Ward went to SELF because of the promo we played and loved it
  • Michael Dexter sent us some Linux Fund news
  • Other emails this week from Stephen Parsons, David McInnis, Neall McLaren, Jezra, spartan7, Richard George, Whym, Martin Häger, Stephen, Kevan Vautier, Scott, James Tait, Buford Koechig, Rex Djere and Josh Keyoth
  • Event: Barcamp Blackpool, July 3 — Dan will be there

Song: The FCC Song by Eric Idle, recommended by Captain Toffel