Linux Outlaws 157 – Horny, Horny, Horny

0:01:08 Introduction

0:18:12 Releases & News

1:07:37 Microwatch

1:17:52 Feedback

  • Donations: Thanks to Alison Chaiken, Brian Lopes, Łukasz Zachulski, Bo Kullmar and Robert P. aka. “MixMasterJ”
  • Blogs: Adam Ward (@redshirtlinux) wrote a very nice blog post thanking us for mentioning his email on the show and Philip Herron (@redbrain) explains how to compile a compiler
  • Audio Feedback: We have an awesome audio submission from B1ackcr0w and another 8-bit version of the theme tune by Chris Tevyaw (aka. Slasher)
  • Sambu writes in response to our discussion of the Windows equivalent to LAMP, he thinks it should be WIMP: Windows, IIS, MySQL, PHP
  • Kevan V. sends us this story about Amazon being granted a patent for social networking websites in the USYou can’t make this shit up!
  • Jonathan Nadeau asked us to mention his new podcast
  • We had a few emails complaining that we bash Apple too much: Michael Mellinger says the iPhone is better than Android, Stephen and Daniel don’t like it when we are critical of Apple and Andy G. wrote to say he doesn’t think Google are any better than Apple and worries more about the amount of information Google have on people, he thinks we should reconsider our stance on Google
  • David Comerford wrote after hearing us talk about all the disc burning for new distros, he recommends the iodd portable SATA hard drive with CDROM emulation
  • Nathan D’Elboux recommends the Firefox plugin FlashGot since he used it to download all our old episodes from The Archives
  • We had other emails from Paul W.B., Whym, Peter Trussell, Sergei Van Hardeveld, Nigel Verity, Scott Cann, Anthony (from New Mexico), NRK, Mike Hingley, Brad Pearce, John Scheuvront, Tony Griggs, Brent Foor, Thomas Chace, Stephen Michael Kellat, Andreas Marschke, Ebcdic Zehetbauer, Serko, Jake Roberts, Bo Kullmar, Joe Foy and Steve Anderson

  • Two cool videos about the iPhone 4 vs. the HTC Evo

Song for International Reggae Day (July 1): Waste My Time from the album of the same name by Loudog