Linux Outlaws 158 – I’ll Send That to the Toilet Computer!

0:02:24 Introduction

0:13:31 Releases & News

0:50:16 Microwatch

1:00:52 Software Tip

  • Chrome-to-Phone, a Chrome extension and Android app to send browser tabs to your phone

1:03:30 Feedback

  • Donations: Thanks to James McBride, Daniel Ngu, Ian Pickworth and Tony Hughes
  • Audio Feedback: Jon Kulp send us some wonderful prairie harmonica and Latin renditions of the LO theme, he also send a funny clip from an NPR show about Microsoft — we also got some awesome Crapple theme entries from Alistair Munro and Jo “Remington Steele” Ressington
  • Blogs: Paul Elms (aka. scifly)’s new blog will soon feature a series about working on the Pony Express app
  • Mike Hingley tells us about a government website where you can cast your vote to repeal the Digital Economy Act if you are in the UK
  • SmooveD says they like our perspective on Apple, he says we shouldn’t let the iListeners censor us
  • We got other emails this week from Andreas, Doug Whitfield, Tony Hughes, Philip Herron alias RedBrain, Ron McLeod, figjam and Jonathan Nadeau

Song: True Gemini by Rob Costlow from the album Woods of Chaos — recommended by Jim Nygård