Linux Outlaws 159 – The Beginning of the Conversation

0:01:29 Introduction

0:18:49 Releases & News

0:51:36 Microwatch

0:55:22 Crapple

1:00:00 Discussion Point

  • We talk a bit about the fact that a Zeitgeist dev was claiming that Ubuntu is now their upstream on the Ubuntu UK Podcast and that this was a misunderstanding — some background from the devs

1:06:32 Feedback

  • Donations: Thanks to Roger Fletcher, Durand D’souza, Edward Dewhurst and Ron McLeod
  • Forums: There’s a new sheriff in town!NYBill, the gun monkey, is laying down the law now
  • We have some audio feedback from Jason Bowles (aka. Malkor the Techie) who gives an alternative opinion on three strikes laws
  • Whym sent us an email supporting our Apple bashing and an awesome picture that his little brother did in the GIMP:

  • Matthew Phillips works on a distro called GnackTrack which is a penetration testing distro for Gnome fans and he will be demonstrating it at DEF CON 18
  • (Fidel?) Castro sends us a possible solution to our CRAP acronym
  • Andre Hugo send us a link to this cool comic from The Oatmeal about life as an Apple fanboy
  • Ryan Mc clarifies Debian repos and rolling releases for us
  • Other emails this week from Justin, Paul W.B., Jamesh, Rob Potter, Joni and CPrompt
  • Event: Barcamp Chicago, August 21 & 22 — send in by csgeek
  • Simon Vass emailed us again about Uganda LUG

Song: Kickback by Severed Fifth from the album Denied by Reign