Linux Outlaws 161 – The Operating System is Called Windows

0:01:22 Introduction

0:16:30 Releases & News

0:55:19 Microwatch

1:00:17 Crapplewatch

1:07:23 Feedback

  • Donations: Thanks to Jonus, Mark Gardner, David Sewell-Carson, Robert Graffham, Kimo Lee (KimTjik Faste) and everyone who flattr’d us
  • Smegzor, Andy Suarez and Paul Levold wrote to tell us about the BSOD on the oil rig in the Gulf — ARE YOU READING THIS, YOU FUCKERS??? ;)
  • Lucas Nicolaus wrote to tell us he wants to develop a WebOS version of Pony Express when the next school year comes around — very cool!
  • **Dylan Coakley* likes Franziskaner Weissbier too
  • Michael Andrews says companies don’t want other companies to sue when something goes wrong, he says they basically want support from them for their in-house software
  • Matt Holder send us some ideas for a Linux Outlaws desktop application
  • We had other emails this week from Julian Aloofi, Brad Alexander, Malkor the Techie, Reverend Willie, Michael Dexter, Andreas, Chris Tevyaw, Lawal, Jonathan Nadeau, Alison Chaiken, Simon Vass, Dave Carson, Remy van Elst, Tim LaFontaine and Upchuck
  • Breaking News: Bradley Kuhn dents from DebConf 10 about Canonical dropping Network Manager on their Unity netbook version of Ubuntu and also replacing other bits of Gnome

Song: It’s A Good Little Thing by Blind Willie McTell