Linux Outlaws 164 – I Love It When a Pod Casts Together

0:02:46 Introduction

0:13:18 Releases & News

0:49:13 Microwatch

0:52:21 Crapplewatch

0:55:05 Android Game Tip

  • Barrr (free), a funny little game where you have to run a pirate bar

0:59:03 Feedback

  • Donations: Thanks to Gian-Maria Daffre and everyone who flattr‘d us!
  • Jurgen (from Australia) wrote to tell us about an open source corporate password safe he discovered
  • @UnknownDevice thinks there isn’t enough support for games programming in Linux as far as IDEs and such are concerned
  • id Software open sources Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory and Return To Castle Wolfenstein
  • Andreas Wallberg wrote in response to our discussion of buying Linux pre-installed in Europe in the last episode and recommended GGS-Data in Gothenburg, Sweden
  • Adam in Canada looked for Linux machines on Dell’s Canadian website and found one that runs “Red Hat Ubuntu 9.04”
  • kie asks what we do with out spare CPU cycles and recommends which apparently aims to help cure cancer
  • Douglas Whitfield sent us information about something called Peer To Peer University, add your Linux curses here
  • Alun Parry emailed about an open source film project he’s involved with — if you’re interested in helping, email
  • Other emails this week from Joshua Casey-Rosa, Gerd Folberth, John Joyce, Karsten Schuldt, Ted Streit and Simon Vass
  • Events: Ohio Linux Fest, September 10-12 / Ana is selling books to finance her film project, see: #anasellsbooks

Song: Swan Song by Paper Navy from the album All Grown Up