Linux Outlaws 165 – Hairy Fridays

0:01:19 Introduction

0:13:32 Releases & News

0:53:24 Microwatch

0:56:11 Crapplewatch

0:58:52 Review: HTC Desire

  • Dan reviews the HTC Desire we he bought on contract from O2 a few weeks ago
  • Verdict: Dan says it’s the best smartphone he has used so far, only downsides are the lack of a hardware keyboard and the somewhat erratic optical trackball

1:14:18 Feedback

  • Donations: Only Flattr this week
  • Mark Law sent us a recommendation for an Android app he likes called Tasker, it performs tasks based on context such as time, date, location, gestures etc.
  • Allan has been listening on and off for about a year and just wants to say thanks and hopes to meet us some day
  • Toby also enjoys the show and says it’s helped him get used to Linux which is very cool
  • Bradley Tordoff wants us to mention BOINC
  • Drake Anubis does the Hack Radio Live podcast and got some feedback that their host interactions “is similar to Linux Outlaws” which he took as a big compliment
  • Dave send us some information about the Oracle vs. Android lawsuit
  • Eliad tells us about the fact that the Debian Women group has apparently picked up pace again
  • We also had an email from psykonerd
  • Events: U-Cubed, Saturday, August 28 in Manchester / FOSDEM 2011 will be on February 5 & 6 in Brussels

Song: Natty Bounce by Elephant Man feat. Mancini from the album Street Credibility Vol. 4