Linux Outlaws 166 – Narwhals in Your Head

0:01:16 Introduction

0:21:21 Releases & News

0:58:36 Microwatch

1:09:29 Crapplewatch

1:12:41 Feedback

  • Donations: Thanks to Mark Gardner, Edward Daniel and everyone who flattr’d us!
  • Daniel “brinky” Brinkers send Fab some money, a coffee gift card and a coffee-proof USB stick because of his laptop accident a few weeks back — amazing!
  • DarthSydwayZ says he loves the Samsung Galaxy S he got after hearing us talking about Android
  • Christopher (who didn’t leave a surname) found a stubby holder at his friend’s house and immediately thought of us, he send us a picture as inspiration for future merchandise, too
  • Joe Ressington wrote to ask about an updated podcast production showit’s been on the docket for a while now, we promise we will do it soon
  • Dan West sends us the awesome Narwhals Song
  • Matt Copp aka. @yamatt sent us the details of a cool distro made just for web developers: BrowserBox
  • Joe Foy sends us info on Damn Vulnerable Linux
  • Andreas Marschke tells us about a strategy game called Unknown Horizons for Linux
  • SndChaser has done some great work archiving and uploading talks from this year’s Ohio Linux Fest
  • We had other emails from Dylan C., Michael Dexter, Christopher V., spartan7, Andre, Jim Medeiros, Nigel Howard, Nehemiah, Serko, *Paul W.B.**, ACIDUK, Ell, SmokeyMaverick, William Nadeau, Dale Scott and Alistair Munro (as usual)
  • Check out 20lb Sounds, also have a look on YouTube
  • Events: New York City BSD Conference, at Cooper Union in Manhattan on November 12-14 / Indiana Linux Fest (no date yet)

Song: If Your Dad Doesn’t Have a Beard, You’ve Got Two Mums by The Beards — link emailed to us by listener Sean Rankin