Linux Outlaws 168 – The Brigadier Drops By

0:01:18 Introduction

0:11:19 Releases & News

0:56:54 Microwatch

1:10:46 Crapplewatch

1:12:10 Interview: Bradley Kuhn

We talk to Bradley Kuhn about his move to work full time for the Software Freedom Conservancy. He also explains again what Conservancy does and what services they provide for free software projects.

  • A list of Conservancy member projects

On a side note: Fab designed the new Conservancy logo.

1:37:04 Feedback

  • Donations: Thanks to Mark Gardner, Jim Shaver, SmokeyMaverick and everyone who flattr’d us!
  • Matthew Phillips asked us to mention GnackTrack, a penetration testing distro with the Gnome desktop
  • Dave Fernandes sent us a link to an interesting interview with Java creator James Gosling talking about why he left Oracle
  • Scott Cann from Canada (who enjoys the show a lot) says there are lots of people using Linux in education over there, which is reassuring
  • George Sauthoff sent us the Solothurn story we talked about earlier
  • Lewis Burmeister says compiling a kernel while drunk is how you end up with Windows ME
  • The “Motley Crew”: Other emails this week from Brad Floyd, Roman Ryzhov, Chris Tevyaw, Buzzy Nielsen, DarthSydwayz, Owen Oakeley, Brian van den Broek, TheWilson, Juan Mares, Michael White, Kimo Lee Faste, Bob Konior, Max F., Alison Chaiken, Sy Jones and Boryslav Larin
  • Event: Geeknic at the Westminster Community Pond in Carroll County, MD at October 10th from 11:00 – 16:00 for the Ubuntu release

Song: How Far is it From Here to Nuremberg? by David Rovics from the album Halliburton Boardroom Massacre