Linux Outlaws 169 – Ubuntu-Proof

0:01:26 Introduction

0:11:38 Releases, Security & News

0:53:33 Microwatch


1:01:00 Crapplewatch

1:03:11 Review: The O2 Surfstick


Fab reviews the O2 Surfstick and how it works with Linux (or rather why O2’s Linux support sucks).

1:13:37 Feedback

  • Donations: Fab posted on the forums about his financial troubles and we got an amazing response from your listeners — thanks a lot to Steve Taylor, NYBill, Jon Kulp, Marshall & Andrew Cleave, Hezy from Israel, Ian Pickworth, Pete Verschueren, Sorin, Shane Marks, Mats, Durand D’souza, Carlos, Daniel Vredenburg, Erie Looking Productions, Dan Scott, Martin Bastow and all the great people who flattr’d us!
  • Paul Schwanse asks us to mention the annual Symposium “Datenspuren” of the Chaos Computer Club Dresden on October 16 & 17 — also check out the pentaMusic Radio Show which he started
  • Tom Link tells the story how we got him to switch to Linux through our show and he says it was easier than most people would think — how cool!
  • We had other emails this week from Chris Tevyaw aka. Slasher, SK Keeper, Jeff Kaplan, John Sullivan aka. John47, Tristan Smith, Kelly Price, Michael Howell and Samir
  • Events: Codebits 2010 in Lisbon, Portugal on Pavilhão Atlântico between November 11-13 / FLOSS UK 2010 on Saturday, October 16 at the Birmingham & Midland Institute

Song: End Of Days by Severed Fifth from the new album Nightmares by Design