Linux Outlaws 170 – Ask Jez

In this very special episode we interview Linux Outlaws community member, hacker, tinkerer and GIMP-master Jezra Lickter from Petaluma, California. Jezra is, of course, @jezra on and he’s also on the forums GIMPing people and generally causing mayhem.

Ask Jez

Jezra’s projects: bwwtolily, heybuddy, SAP, shnerkel, hubcap and more. He also grows his sideburns competitively. We talked to Jezra over the Red Phone and he recorded his end of the conversation using this home-made contraption. Jezra uses Geany to develop and does a lot of his coding in Vala. He works for the company that puts on NaNoWriMo and Script Frenzy doing all kinds of Drupal wizardry. If you like the stuff he does, go and buy him a coffee!


Song: Forgotten Heroes by Severed Fifth from the new album Nightmares by Design