Linux Outlaws 173 – GPL Black Ops

0:01:27 Introduction

Minecraft Fedora Logo

0:15:55 Releases, Security & News

1:00:51 Microwatch

1:08:56 Crapplewatch

1:14:16 Feedback

  • Donations: Thanks to Evgeny Kuznetsov, Balthazar, Alison Chaiken, Benjamin Dumke and all flattr-ers!
  • James Hugman defends Comic Sans use in schools and Fab disagrees with him
  • David Yang wrote to tell us that Sintel and Blender were featured on the cover of issue 135 of the monthly magazine 3D World
  • Torstein Adolf Wintersethsays that in 2007, the Ig-Nobel prize in literature was given to a trio of researchers for determining that rats sometimes can’t distinguish between recordings of Japanese and Dutch played backwardsthis having to do with some language comments of ours in a previous episodeDamian Kelly sent us a message saying that a line in the Beastie Boys song Paul Revere made him think of Fab
  • Alison Chaiken recommends googlecl, Xournal and parcellite
  • Scott Lavender, the Ubuntu Studio project lead, emails us a lot of information about the project — you can read up on some of the stuff going on over there here and here
  • Stephen Michael Kellat wrote to us about a podcast done by the Ubuntu Ohio group called The Burning Circle
  • Mark P. says Canonical is currently revamping Unity and that the first release should be out on November 25
  • And we had other emails this week from Georg Sauthoff, Brian Gordon, Mark Law, Christopher, Badry Darkoush, Andrew Antle, Tarnus, Matt Read and Ray Woods
  • Events: OpenRheinRuhr, November 13 – 14 in Oberhausen, Germany /, January 24 – 29, 2011 in Brisbane, Australia / Mid-America GNU/Linux Networkers Conference, May 6 – 7 2011 in St. Louis, MO

Song: Jimmy Carter by 20lb Sounds