Linux Outlaws 175 – Clusterfork

0:01:14 Introduction

0:10:52 Releases, Security & News

1:01:41 Microwatch

1:04:32 Crapplewatch

Apple Xserve

1:08:49 Feedback

  • Donations: A big thank you to Haris Ali, Markus May, Duncan Eastoe, Akshay Shah, Hanna Pietikäinen and all flattr-ers
  • Ravel López from Albuquerque is inspired by Fab to move to Fedora and is also thinking about joining the Design Team
  • Sohier sent us a very scary neck beard picture

Scary Neckbeard

  • Triplem tells us about, a spin-off of Arch Linux which is optimized for servers
  • Raymii says the new Facebook film, The Social Network, is crap
  • Robin sent us a link to Juice Media’s Rap New — amazing stuff!
  • It’s Joe Foy’s birthday and he tells us his experiences with the Kindle he got as a present
  • Other emails this week from Rachel Ward, Sven Lankes, Scott Lavender, Jeff Cannon, Robert Main, Ben from NJ, Paul Norrie and Rob Parker

Song: Wise Cowboys by Railway & Dogs from their 2009 demo album