Linux Outlaws 177 – The Orgasmatron (Eyebrow Control Was My Idea)

0:01:22 Introduction

  • We will soon reorganise the Outlaw Archives
  • Dual core phones coming soon — amazing…
  • Somebody build a working 8-bit CPU in Minecraft
  • Kindle Errata: The Kindle only reads .mobi files (with or without DRM, books from the store have DRM) but .epub can be converted to .mobi using Calibre (plugins are available that strip DRM, illegal in the US), also: the Kindle desktop app only works on Windows, but Calibre seems to be the best desktop ebook app for Linux
  • Booze of the Week: Willi, red wine from the Pfalz

0:12:46 Releases, Security & News

0:56:13 Microwatch

1:08:52 Mini-Tip

  • Don’t install LVMs on an SSD

1:12:07 Feedback

  • Donations: Thanks to Joseph Lantz, Rene Castberg and all the cool flattr-ers!
  • Gerd Folberth says he has both a Kindle and an iPad and compares the reading experience for us
  • Aitor Pazos feels we didn’t advertise or discuss more free”alternatives to Kindle enough in our special episode
  • Bill Day sent us a link to some free sci-fi books for Fab
  • Alexey Kazakov writes us a very nice email and tells us about OpenInkpot
  • Peter Cannon felt we dealt with the DRM discussion with fairness and maturity
  • Brian recommends his podcast at
  • Xavier Sythe asks if we can spread the word about a petition to get Adobe CS products on Linux
  • Mark Wylde sent us a map of the beer universe
  • Other emails this week from Simon Roberts (@technicalevolution), Alex Tirrel, Tim Ashley, korczyk.l (sent us this video), Ruud Slegtenhorst, Phil Thompson, Philip from Grass Valley, Tony Ciak, René, Diablomarcus, Samuel Vanderplancke, Buffalo Pete (who’s a long time listener), Joe Foy and Chet Stokes
  • Jon Kulp send us an amazing trumpet version of our theme from his next door trumpet professor

Song: Ghost Of A Nation from the album Ne’er do well by Crete Boom