Linux Outlaws 178 – I Want It Dead!

0:03:10 Introduction

0:12:29 Releases, Security & News

The Jolibook

1:01:14 Microwatch

1:05:33 Feedback

  • Donations: Thanks to Michael Dexter and everyone who pushed our Flattr buttons!
  • Joshua Mason didn’t like the new Fedora name and tells us about the Sturgis Rally
  • Matthew Mactyre sent us more information about Baen Publishing
  • Charles McGrew works for a small publishing company and recently set up one of their titles on Amazon for the Kindle and tells us about the experience from a publisher’s point of view
  • goibhniu sent us an email about Dale Chase, a Nerdcore rapper who raps about tech news in weekly updates
  • Nigel Verity aka. Beeza got himself an Acer Aspire One to use as a media player recently but found Ubuntu, Linux Mint and many other distros have audio problems with it; he got it working eventually with Puppy Linux 5 but has no networking now
  • Jeff Cannon has been looking for an easy to use video encoding program to convert WMV and ended up using WinFF
  • We had other emails this week from Valent, Nathan D’Elboux, @technicalevolution, Tony Atkinson and Bruce Markey

Song: Erinnerungsbaumhaus by Jansen from the album Endlosschleifen — recommended by @m3tti