Linux Outlaws 179 – Lead Lined Pants

0:05:53 Introduction

Fab playing Ratcliffe
Fab playing Ratcliffe

0:19:24 Releases, Security & News

Symbian Satellite

1:05:40 Microwatch

1:21:40 Feedback

  • Donations: Thanks to Evgeny Kuznetsov, Robert L. Beliveau III and all who flattr’d us!
  • Vic J. sent us a story about phones being wiped by remote email exploits through Exchange
  • Raymii tells us about the MobaLiveCD to test Linux distros in Windows without admin privileges or rebooting (it uses QEMU apparently)
  • We had emails from Steve Cook (aka. Yorvyk) and Mark McNeill about, a live audio stream which consists of a computer voice reading the source code of the latest stable Linux kernel
  • Good friend of the show JonTheNiceGuy sent us some nice Android app recommendations which we will share with you in future shows
  • We had other emails this week from Russel Dickinson and Stuart Ward

Song: The Close Western by The Rest from their album Atlantis, Oh Our Saviour