Linux Outlaws 181 – BeardCash

0:01:14 Introduction

0:09:19 Releases, Security & News

1:32:25 Microwatch

Ballmer Presentation

1:39:20 Feedback

  • Donations: Thanks a lot to Mark Gardner and the many people who flattr’d us!
  • Noble Baker wtites from Costa Rica and tells us about their amazingly outlaw postcode system down there
  • Peter Brown sent us a picture of Steve Balmer’s presentation setup, apparently he uses a Mac
  • JonTheNiceGuy says he loves the game Air Control Lite on his Android phone and recommends it, also check out Jon’s new project, it’s a work in progress but a great concept
  • Ben Arnold asks for help as SliTaz needs new hosting come next year

IIS Error Ubuntu One

Song: If You Want The Rainbow from the soundtrack to the film Sita Sings The Blues