Linux Outlaws 187 – Let Me URL-Shorten That for You

0:02:58 Introduction


0:18:00 Releases, Security & News

0:59:25 Microwatch

1:04:13 Crapplewatch

1:10:05 Feedback

  • This is the Red Dead Redemption scene Fab mentioned
  • Donations: Thanks to Kenneth Evoy, Stanley Kostecki, Sijmen Cozijnsen, Matthew Jelliman, Wilmer Stanley, Alistair McKinlay , Scott Fishman, Joseph Lantz and Carmine Luciano Pizza!
  • Martin Topping sent a funny email begging for one of the MeeGo netbooks
  • Keith Z-G tells us why Microsoft is behind H.264
  • Ken Fallon asks us if we can remind people that Hacker Public Radio still needs 243 hosts to fill the remaining slots this year
  • Mike C. sent a long email on many topics, including the Indamixx 2 and his job in supporting computer-based audio production systems as well as the MS Firefox plugin
  • Joona Lehtomäki sent us a link to a new 2D version of Unity
  • Matt Grecar emailed us a video by a band called Austrian Death Machine who apparently specialise in metal songs about Schwarzenegger
  • Travelinrob sends us feedback on multiple desktops on Windows and also a program called MultiSystem for making USB boot media with multiple distributions
  • Remy Van Elst has an iPod Nano 5G and an HTC Wildfire to donate to an open source project — Fab mentions Replicant
  • Alistair “B1ackCr0w” Munro is trying to come up with ideas for a Linux recruitment company who understand the open source ethos
  • We had other emails from Robin Catling, aethelberga, Manu, Phil Zeo, Stephen Parsons, Ricardo Lameiro, Tarnus, Kevin Smith (not that one), Daniel and Whym

Song: We All Fall Down by Lorenzo’s Music from their upcoming EP Just Had To Let You Know