Linux Outlaws 188 – Minix Lint

0:01:49 Introduction

Billy Burnette

0:17:38 Releases, Security & News

0:57:08 Microwatch

1:01:24 Review

Fab reviews the Debian Edition of Linux Mint 10 and compares it with the regular Linux Mint 10 and the latest Ubuntu. We also discuss if Mint is still the best distribution for new Linux users.


1:16:36 Feedback

  • Donations: Thanks to Drew Fitzsimmons, Neil Viglieno, James McBride and Pål Levold!
  • Chedi Toueiti writes from Tunisia and gives us some really valuable feedback on our recent discussion of the political situation there
  • Neil Viglieno – asks when will we do another show documenting how we produce the show
  • Christopher tells us he really enjoyed our latest distro review special and sends us a link to a writeup he did of flashing CyanogenMod 6 onto a locked-down Motorola Milestone
  • Jonathan Nadeau, our accessibility correspondant, sent us some interesting emails about the state of accessibility and the Unity interface
  • Juan Lara switched to Linux Mint after hearing Dan’s review and gives us some feedback on that
  • Other emails this week from Nuno Justo, Alistair Munro aka. B1ackCr0w, Tarnus, koeart, Derrick and Marcus

Song: Song for Bradley Manning by David Rovics