Linux Outlaws 190 – Special: MeeGo

0:01:11 Introduction

  • We introduce the special and tell you how the topic came about
  • FOSDEM is coming up and we will have a short hiatus after which we will deliver all the content from the conference to you

MeeGo Mascots 1.1

0:04:29 Main Topic: MeeGo Review

  • We are not reviewing the hardware, but here are some reviews as a reference
  • Dan goes a bit into the history of MeeGo, after which he reviews the newest version of the netbook spin which is 1.1
  • We then talk in detail about the MeeGo interface, software management and customisation options after which we give you our final thoughts


  • There will be a contest upcoming where we give away some of these MeeGo netbooks as announced — we’ll have details about that after FOSDEM

Song: Life is Beautiful (live) by David Rovics from the album The Commons