Linux Outlaws 192 – De Lamentation of der Women

0:01:16 Introduction

0:10:46 Releases, Security & News

Fab with Perl Camel

Ballmer & Elop

1:12:56 Microwatch

1:18:37 Android App Tip

  • Androidify, an app to make yourself a cool Android mascot avatar

The LO Android Gang

  • MeeGo Competition: Listen to the podcast for the keyword and then visit this page

1:28:19 Feedback

  • Donations: Thanks to Tracy Schultz, Robert Howie, Evgeny Kuznetsov, Duncan Michael Bell, Pedro Bezunartea Lopez, Jeffrey Kaplan, Stuart Edgar, Marcus Wilson, Remy van Elst, Paul Coleman and all the awesome people who flattr’d us!
  • jayseye really appreciates LXNews
  • Emiel from the Netherlands sent an awesome metal version of our theme tune and played all the instruments himself
  • Jezra also sent us another version he’s done and as if that wasn’t enough a third version came in from Tom aka. n0xious
  • Johan Vervloet is looking for people who love beer and technology to help with his project called Beerscan, an image recognition program that can recognise beer labels
  • Robert Main tells us the story of how he converted a student friend to Ubuntu
  • Paul from Hunter Valley, Australia doesn’t like the dropping of version numbers for HTML
  • Brian Fitzhugh & koeart both thanked us for our Egypt special

We had other emails from Carlos Bertholdi, Jason, Robert Howie, arand, Alison Chaiken, George Sauthoff, George Shafik, Jelle Hermsen, Per Lindstrom, Jonathan Nadeau, Andreas, Remy aka. Raymii, Jeff Kaplan, Ricardo Lameiro, Jerry L., alienkid, Bernd, Joe Foy, Chris Wollard, Daniel Frey, Valent from Croatia, Scott Lavender, Nehemiah I. Dacres, Steve aka. guitarman, John Chance, David Yang and Joona Lehtomäki.

Song: Fuck Sony Entertainment by Sid der Liedermacher