Linux Outlaws 194 – Nuclear Chicken

0:01:18 Introduction

0:16:59 Releases, Security & News

0:59:12 Microwatch

1:07:53 Android App Tip

Pew Pew, a very fast-paced retro shooter game for Android (free)

1:10:52 MeeGo Competition

The MeeGo netbook picks its winner. Source code for our randomness procedure using bash:

echo $[ 1 + $[ RANDOM % 707 ]]

MeeGo Netbook

1:17:02 Feedback

  • Donations: Evgeny Kuznetsov, Wendall Cada and the Flattr’ers
  • Cam DeCoster emailed us about a program he found called disper, it enables quick and easy display switching for Ubuntu Maverick
  • Shelby Justice is new to Linux but bas been doing Joomla sites for years and is looking at hosting a Linux server of their own now and they also thank us for continuing to make your podcasts available in MP3 format
  • Simon Roberts (@technicalevolution) sent us an interesting story about a recent UK copyright judgment which could have implications for the Digital Economy Act
  • Dan Devine writes to tell us about what he thinks is a great Active Directory alternative for Linux based on Samba 4, called Resara Server — he send us this video of the client in action
  • Bruno Bigras wrote to tell us that Amarok will soon support — it’s being worked on in github
  • Beeza sends us a link to Simfy, a Spotify-like music streaming service that only works in Germany and Austria
  • Valent heard our praise of the Crunchbang welcome script and would like to make something similar for Fusion Linux — go here if you want to help with that
  • Marsh installed Meego 1.1 on his own Lenovo S10-3t and agrees with our assessment of it, they are now using Linux Mint
  • Bruce Barr aka. MrGadgets writes in with some real outlaw credentials

Other emails this week by James Lewis aka. Sysadmin Jim, Bob Kovacs, Nils, Dan, Core Hysteria, Chester, Stephen Michael Kellat, Tony Ciak, Paul Dutot, Nathaniel, Wayne Turner (from Texas), Andreas and Andrew Barnett.

Nuclear Chicken

Song: Honky Tonk Garito Bar by The Black Beards from their self-titled album