Linux Outlaws 195 – That’s a Very Nice Everything You Have There

0:03:04 Introduction

0:10:33 Releases, Security & News

Natty Terminal Overlay

Oil Rush

1:01:24 Microwatch

1:08:01 Crapplewatch

1:10:04 MeeGo Competition

We give another netbook preloaded with MeeGo away. This time, it picks a lucky winner from Australia. Good on ya, mate!

MeeGo Netbook

1:19:01 Feedback

  • Donations: Navigium, Daniel Asante, Duncan Michael Bell, Michael Van Hoe, Neil Viglieno, Kevin Gibson, Jon Peder Opsahl, Matthew Clarke,William Kovacs and all the Flattr’ers
  • We had great audio feedback from Malkor the Techie and Jezra
  • Aitor Pazos wrote to tell us his own story of migrating a small company from XP to Debian a couple of years back
  • Alison Chaiken disgrees with our comment about the fact that only two big companies are left in the Linux world
  • Matthew Phillips sent us an email about a new release of the security distro GnackTrack
  • Rachel Ward sent us some links about HP supposedly dumping Windows

Other emails this week from

Rich Brown, Nathaniel, Roger Cooper, Beeza, Armin, Don Rideaux-Crenshaw, Mark McNeill, Henry Standing, Earle Nietzel, Lee Brown, Remy Van Elst, Alienkid, Robert Bronstein, Jon Peder from Norway, Chris Woollard, Alastair from Cape Town and Scott Lavender.

Song: Automatic by Tim Wheeler & The Soul Shufflers from the album Stratisfier