Linux Outlaws 196 – Women with Shotguns

0:03:55 Introduction

0:14:26 Releases, Security & News

Fukushima Daiichi

Bdale Garbee

1:12:36 Microwatch

1:15:58 Crapplewatch

1:24:52 MeeGo Competition

We give away the penultimate MeeGo netbook — it goes to the US.

This time, we used our revised, debugged drawing code:

python -c 'import random; print(1+random.randrange(1,1015))'

1:33:37 Feedback

  • Donations: Thanks to Jezra Lickter, Tom Link, Adam DiFrischia, Philip Royle, Daniel Lowe and all Flattr’ers.
  • Daniel Bos send us a guide on how to get Ubuntu running on the Motorola Xoom (it doesn’t replace Android, but instead uses VNC to display Ubuntu)
  • Armin Krauss sent us this Linux security story about a USB vulnerability
  • Our Oracle insider Andy C. sent us a very funny email about the Unfakeable Linux crew which we can’t read in case Larry finds out

Shotgun Betty

We had other emails this week from Chris Woollard, Alienkid, threexk, Scott Lavender, Paul Dutot, Dr. Rich Wareham, Whym, Dave from Portland, Alistair Munro (B1ackCr0w) and diablomarcus.

Song: Door by C418 from Minecraft – Volume Alpha — please buy the album, it’s awesome and you can get it from $3.99