Linux Outlaws 197 – Don’t Mess with the Gunmonkey!

0:01:52 Introduction

CyanogenMod Girls Wallpaper

0:17:17 Releases, Security & News

0:45:19 Microwatch

0:48:20 Crapplewatch

0:52:05 Discussion Point

Fab quits Twitter live on the show and gives his reasoning for the move.

1:05:03 MeeGo Competition

We give away the last MeeGo netbook which goes to a new owner in London in the UK. We use Jezra’s cool little Python program which he wrote for us for this occasion.

1:11:51 Feedback

  • Donations: Thanks to Patrick Archibald, Samsnotunix, Osama Alassiry, Ciaran Gultnieks, David Rosa, Jelle Hermsen, Stephen Kellat, Ashley Kitson, Stuart Edgar, James McBride, Jessica Boriack, Marcus Wilson and everyone who flattr’ed us!
  • SmokeyMaverick says the show keeps him company on weekly drives from Pittsburgh, PA to Charleston, WV and sends us an awesome picture of him having some fun in Apple Stores

Smokey at the Apple Store

  • Ashley Kitson sent a very nice email saying how much they enjoy the show
  • Stefano Palazzo tells us about a message to the Japanese LoCo, which he put together with some friends — signing isn’t restricted to Ubuntu users, of course
  • Paul H. enjoys the show, thanks us for the effort and says it brightens up his drive to work; he also gives us some feedback on our recent discussions of Ubuntu and Canonical
  • Tom Link sends us news of another Outlaw beer
  • Robert Main wrote to lament Oracle’s decision to discontinue Rails and Python support in NetBeans
  • J writes to tell us they work for ZDI on the same team as the Pwn2Own guys and tells us more about the contest

We got more emails this week from Brad Floyd, Darren Wilkinson, peterplusplus, Nathan (hairymnstr), Pete Travis, Ted Strait, Chris Roberts, Andreas, Niels Mayer, David Yang, @brainspoil, Yorvyk and Armin Krauss.

Song: Lifelines by I Am Not Lefthanded from their EP Time to Leave — see them live at the Rathole Radio Gig which is on Sunday April 24th at The Zanzibar in Liverpool