Linux Outlaws 199 – Hail to the King, Baby!

0:01:24 Introduction

  • Thanks to @tante for sending Fab Dragon Age II as a podcast donation — it’s his fault that he’s once again lost himself in Thedas
  • Duke Nukem Forever… delayed
  • FOSSCON 2011, July 23 in Philadelphia
  • Come to Dan’s Rathole Radio gig!
  • Muffin of the Week: Raisin/rum muffins, made by Katy

Duke Nukem
0:11:57 Releases, Security & News

1:04:17 Microwatch

1:11:28 Review

Fab reviews Firefox 4 and all the new features like the fresh take on the UI, tab groups, the new privacy settings and syncing.

Fab’s setup of the UI looks like this:

Firefox 4
Firefox 4 Tab Groups

1:27:54 Feedback

Donations: Thanks to Ricardo Lameiro, Andy Benz, Alexander Danzer, Osama Alassiry, Evgeny Kuznetsov and all Flattr’ers!

  • Buzzy Neilsen ent us this link under the subject “beard magic”
  • Jeremy Pope says Cyanogen Mod showed humour in their wallpaper removal — they substituted the boobies for boobies
  • Paul Levold sent us a nice email saying he likes the show and also he enjoyed the recent discussion of nuclear power and the Japan situation; he also send us links to this book and this article in The Guardian
  • Matthew Stevenson sent an email regarding ZFS and Linux, he’s been watching a project which claims to give you ZFS in kernel space on Linux
  • Rod Hurford wrote about our GPL discussion where we mentioned stone tablets and corrected Dan
  • Nehemiah Dacres wonders if anyone knows of a good solution for mass desktop administration on Linux

We had other emails from Olle Jonsson, Robert Main, Andreas, Nathaniel, Andrew, Ashley Kitson, Clint Langston, Simon Roberts and Steve Canz.

Song: Rise by Rob Warren from the album of the same name