Linux Outlaws 200 – Winning! Podcast Production Special

0:01:26 Introduction

We introduce this special episode where we will explain in every geeky detail exactly how we produce the show.

0:04:46 Studio Setup

We talk about the specific hardware and setup involved in making the show at both Dan’s and Fab’s end.

Schematics of Fab’s Studio

Schematics of Dan’s Studio
0:38:09 Live Show

We discuss how we stream the show live via Ustream and Dan’s Icecast server.

0:46:57 Production Workflow

We explain the whole workflow of how an episode comes together.

1:23:54 Listener Questions

We take questions from the IRC.

We talk about how our podcast theme came about. You can download the score (thanks to Jon Kulp) here:

Song: Sudo Modprobe by Fabian A. Scherschel and Dan Lynch


  1. fabsh says:

    Edited your comment since I don’t think you wanted to insult Mark. Spam will be deleted, of course.

  2. 5frame says:

    A live video of episode 268 is on YouTube, but it seems MP3/OGG version and table of contents page is not yet on this site. When can I download OGG version and see table of contents for episode 268?

  3. fabsh says:

    5frame: Please comment on the actual show page next time. Something is wrong with the way the links to the episodes are embedded. I will look at this.

    When we record a show, it gets uploaded to YouTube immediately via Hangouts on Air. The actual podcast (including show notes) will be available when it is edited. Just like it has always been since we started the show over four years ago.

  4. fabsh says:

    Yeah, there’s something wrong with the way the episode list is embedded. Will try to fix that.

  5. fabsh says:

    The problems with these comments not showing up on the Linux Outlaws page should now be fixed.

    Sorry for the hassle!

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