Linux Outlaws 201 – Infected Through the Backdoor

0:02:06 Introduction

0:21:16 Releases, Security & News

1:18:54 Microwatch

1:22:34 Feedback

Donations: Thanks to Stuart Musto, Marcus Wilson, Osama Alassiry, Michael Van Hoe and everyone who flattr’ed us!

  • Jon Peder from Norway got himself a Lenovo S10-3t after failing to win our competition and decided to try the Android x86 project; he also send us some links on how he solved certain issues with it

  • Trent Murray tells us about Zarafa, an open source MS Exchange replacement
  • Dan Devine also wrote on a similar note to suggest Resara server as a great replacement for Active Directory and FreeIPA which does something similar; he also says Mandriva Directory Server is still going strong and any of these solutions can be combined with Spacewalk
  • Chad Nelson sent this cool outlaw pic including a hat like Jayne wore in The Message:

  • John Thies wrote in response to our discussion of the Zune, where Dan said they might be more popular in the US: he thinks they are crap
  • Mark Faulkner send us a link to Think Geek’s April Fools joke: The Playmobil Apple Store
  • Akiva Bloch is a brand new listener from Israel who likes the show
  • Thomas Chace has modified Unity to have the brown features we all remember from Ubuntu in the old days:

  • Sergei Van Hardeveld writes to us about openmedia’s campaign for constituents to ask their local candidates to take a pro-Internet, pro net neutrality stance
  • Dan tells us that building ZFS into the Linux kernel only violates the GPL if it’s distributed

Other emails this week from Chris Woollard, Michael Curtis, Andrew Cutler, Ell, Brad Floyd, Ryan Norwood, Jon Bristol, Adam, Travis Swaim, Joshua Cooper, Douglas Elkin, Chuck Green, Robert Main, Phil Thompson, Matt Hampton aka. Tucson Matt, Paul Bosworth, Torben Stones, Jonathan Nadeau, David Ellis, Stuart Ward, David Ramsey Cain, Michael Dexter and Armin Krauss.

Song: The Day After The Night Before by Nick Tann from the album Don’t Make Me Wait