Linux Outlaws 203 – Hot Corner

0:02:29 Introduction

0:13:36 Releases, Security & News

0:50:01 Review: Gnome 3

Fab reviews Gnome 3 on his Fedora 15 box.

1:24:31 Feedback

Donations: Thanks to Armin Krauss, MQL Jones, Neil Viglieno, Duncan Michael Bell, Park Noun, Brian O’Donovan, Hermanni Saresma and everyone who flattr’ed us!

  • Richard Merren writes is response to our discussion of the Amazon app store
  • We had some nice emails about reaching 200 episodes from Drasticheadcase, Dann Washko (of TLLTS), Rick from the Green Mountain Network, William Devins, Ted Streit, Ken Fallon (from HPR) and Brian O’Donovan
  • Tony Freeman sent an audio clip from Red Dwarf which both Dan and Fab love
  • Robert Main wrote to tell us about CodeIgniter which is a PHP framework he’s discovered
  • George Tripp has written a Python utility to split up MP3s into chunks
  • Rich Brown sent this piece of genius: Beardheads

  • Bob Konior says Google should hire Geohot — they definitely should…

We had other emails from Jordan Lee, Neal McLaren, Xavier Sythe, Brad Floyd, John Bristol, Gerrit Renker, Spencer Dupre, Noel O’Boyle, Farhad, Robert S. and Jody Kaplon.

Song: Sweet Sister Starlight by Fit & The Conniptions from the album of the same name