Linux Outlaws 205 – I’m Here to Download Some Shit

0:02:57 Introduction

0:21:21 Releases, Security & News

1:02:03 Microwatch

1:08:27 Crapplewatch

1:15:05 Feedback

Donations: Thanks to Richard Smith, Scott Evans, Brian Bearse, Scott Morton, Nigel Green, Gary Moon, Benjamin Bromley, John Church, Evgeny Kuznetsov, Jacob Hume, S.T.E de Bruin and all the wonderful people on Flattr that flattr’d us!

  • Nasser Alshammari emails us about camels because they are more deadly than moose — freaking CAMELS!!!
  • Buford Koechig sends a beer recommendation for Fab:

  • Ian VanDenBerghe told us that you can buy Jayne hats at Etsy
  • Matt H. is a happy Ubuntu and Unity user and says he likes the decisions Canonical are making on his behalf, but also agrees it’s less of a community distro now — he searched for “Linux” with some surprising results:

  • The Great Gazoo says OpenSuse has a Shutdown button in Gnome 3
  • Hugh MacKay painted our likeness on an egg that he rolled down Glastonbury Tor at Easter — how awesome is that?

  • Scott Bicknall says Apple can’t own the word “apple” since the Beatles were first
  • Yaroslav Halchenko tells us about NeuroDebian
  • Shane Marks wrote to us asking for help to promote Unhosted

We had other emails this week from Sven, Kevan V., Brad Alexander, Ehtyar, Dennis Wickman, Brad Floyd, Emilien, Andrew Benz, Tadej Menegatti, Nathan Delboux, Robert Main, Joel J. Adamson, Tom Greene, Matthias, Dave O’Neil, Kåre Kvisgaard Gram, Mike C. and Carsen Anderson.

Song: Chambers of the Sea by Bert Jerred from the album of the same name