Linux Outlaws 207 – SambaXP

0:01:13 Introduction

Dan asks Fab about his visit at the SambaXP conference in Göttingen and we explain briefly what Samba is. Thanks to SerNet for paying for Fab’s accommodation during the conference.

0:18:20 Interview: Kai Blin

Fab interviews Kai Blin about the Google Summer of Code, Wine and the Samba team in general.

0:50:00 Interview: Andrew “Tridge” Tridgell

Fab interviews Andrew Tridgell and asks him how Samba and rsync came about and what else he works on.

1:03:28 Interview: Christopher Hertel

Chris Hertel tells Fab about his work on the Microsoft SMB & CIFS documentation and what working with Microsoft and looking at the Windows source code was like.

Song: Samba Simples by the Mansur Samba Trio from the album Live in Rio 2008