Linux Outlaws 211 – Leave a Message After the Tone

0:01:47 Introduction

  • This is a special interview episode since we couldn’t record a regular show because Dan is at the Red Hat Partner Summit in Dublin at the moment
  • We introduce the interviews and how they came about

0:08:10 Interview: Steven Lamb

Guest interviewer Les Pounder talks to Steven Lamb, Microsoft’s Open Source Strategist at the OpenTech Conference about what his job will entail at Microsoft and what the company plans to do with open source in the future.



0:24:01 Interview: Scott Lavender

We talk to Scott Lavender, project leader of the Ubuntu Studio distribution. Scott tells us what he does on the project, how many people are involved and how they handle things and gives us an outlook of what Ubuntu Studio is looking to do in the future





Song: Spider Song by Fit and the Conniptions from the album Sweet Sister Starlight