Linux Outlaws 212 – Head of Cloud

0:01:17 Introduction

Fab asks Dan about his experiences at the Red Hat Partner Summit in Dublin.



0:33:39 Interview: Jim Whitehurst

Dan talks to Red Hat CEO Jim Whitehurst and we discover that he is a hardcore geek, just like us.



0:41:36 Interview: Florian Spatz & Simon Richards

Florian Spatz and Simon Richards from IGEL tell us about their Linux thin client solutions.

0:48:25 Interview: Niels Mache

Niels Mache, co-founder of Red Hat Germany, tells us about his tele-conferencing venture Spreed.

1:08:01 Interview: Resa Malekzadeh

Resa Malekzadeh from Nimbula talks about the company and how it was founded by the people who created EC2 for Amazon.

1:12:08 Interview: Matthias Stürmer

Dan interview Matthias Stürmer from Ernst & Young about his political activision and lobby work for F/OSS in Switzerland.



Dan thanks all the people from Red Hat who helped him get to the Summit and provided accommodation and everything else for him while he was in Dublin.

Song: Rockin’ in the Free World, performed by Dan Lynch