Linux Outlaws 213 – Mister Spliffy

0:01:42 Introduction



0:15:05 Releases and News

1:21:31 Microwatch

1:28:07 Crapplewatch

1:34:23 Feedback

Thanks to Scott Evans, Duncan Eastoe, Jon Peder Opsahl, Alison Chaiken, Thomas Ratliff, Stuart Edgar, David Megins-Nicholas, everyone who flattr’d us and send us Bitcoin as well!

  • Merely Jim (from Texas) writes to us about HP and WebOS
  • We got emails about RHEL and CentOS alternatives from Nathan D’Elboux (who moved to Scientific Linux on his web server), Dale (who likes FreeBSD), Brad Alexander (says we should use Debian), Neil Viglieno (thinks we’re spreading FUD and everything is OK with CentOS) and Jeremy Block (who agrees with Fab and thinks a proper RHEL version with no support would have a market).
  • Denis Labrecque wrote to say how much he’s enjoying Linux Mint and congratulates Clem and the team
  • Alison Chaiken sent us a link to the birthday video friends made for Larry Lessig’s 50th birthday
  • Jonathan Nadeau writes in with a usability review of the latest Ubuntu with Unity
  • Jørn Lomax (probably our northernmost listener) says he’s enjoying the show and he’s joined because of us

Other emails: Jack (from Terminal Geeks), Carlos F. Lange, Chris Woollard, z1000000, Andrew Griffiths, Stephen Michael Kellat, Armin Krauss, Andrew Cutler, Sarah Zeist, MikeC, Drew Devore, G. Clifford Williams, mjcpk, Yannis A. and Charles.

YaMatt says: If you want to camp at OggCamp, please email for coordinating it.

Song: Tom Cruise Crazy by Jonathan Coulton