Linux Outlaws 216 – Jaffa Cakes

0:01:54 Introduction

0:21:47 Releases and News





1:10:15 Microwatch

1:12:32 Arch Linux Review

Fab talks about his experiences with running Arch Linux for the last few months.

1:35:15 Feedback

Thanks to Andrew Barilla, Asier Azkuenaga, Michael Haggerty, James McBride and everyone who flattr’d us for supporting the show!

  • Jonathan Nadeau, our Accessibility Correspondent, writes in reference to our discussion of Internet access as a human right — he wants to see this expanded to technology access as a whole since so many people are disabled in some way
  • Computa Mike congratulates us on our first place in the Linux Format podcast round up in Issue 147


  • Campbell Barton tells us that Blender is moving to an 8 weekly release cycle, he also mentions the new Blender Podcast
  • Fab mentions Tom’s trailer for The Taming of the Shrew production by the BUSC
  • Whym says Dan is right to question the openness of Darwin and claims it can’t even be booted without proprietary drivers from Apple
  • B1ackCr0w aka. Alistair Munro sends us a story about a recent firmware update for the BT Home Hub that blocks Linux devices
  • Joel J. Adamson says he has a friend in Peace Corps who has found an innovative way to raise money for the people in his village in Togo: he’s selling a CD to raise enough money for them to buy a donkey ($350)

Other emails this week: Steve Smethurst, Shadi Barhoumi, Rick Bragg, Farhad Gulemov, Andreas, Scott Lavender and Tzafrir Cohen.

Song: Reagan by LarG Productions from the album Some More Ol’ School Crap For Y’all (Various 1999-2004) Vol. #1