Linux Outlaws 217 – German Hip Hop Gangs

0:02:20 Introduction

  • A lot of people everywhere thanked us for the Bitcoin episode
  • Apparently we got some things about Fort Knox and the Federal Reserve wrong (among other stuff), but as we said we aren’t economists and that wasn’t exactly the topic either
  • Check out TDTRS
  • Come on and join the OggCamp crew!
  • Beer of the Week: Tyskie

0:15:14 Releases and News

1:17:41 Feedback

Thanks to Duncan Michael Bell, Evgeny Kuznetsov and everyone who flattr’d us for your support!

  • Chimo (a French Canadian) writes us about the DouDou Linux name: “Doudou” (pronounced doo doo) is a French word that means “wubby”, as in the teddy bear or the cloth that children carry everywhere and hug in their arms before falling asleep
  • Josha Mason sends us a picture of the What’s GNU game (we talked about this one before)

  • Chris Chapman and Colin Mills sent some nice words about the recent Linux Format podcast review
  • An anonymous Adobe employee tells us that open source is an afterthought at the company
  • Alan Clements thanks us for our review of Gnome 3 on Fedora 15 a while back
  • Yaroslav Halchenko & Michael Hanke from the Neuro Debian team thank us for talking about them and point us to this survey, which apparently shows that Linux is the most popular OS for neuro research
  • Andreas Kieckens from Axsh Ltd says they are also doing “Amazon EC2 in a box” with their Wakame product which is open source

Other emails this week: Yannis A., Andrew Walker, Spencer Dupre, Andrew Stephens, Paul Ortyl, Paul Kuhnast and Scott Lavendar.

Song: Burn It Down by David Rovics from his new album Big Red Sessions