Linux Outlaws 218 – Eric Raymond’s Special Brew

0:01:47 Introduction

Eric Raymond

0:19:22 Releases and News

0:53:54 Crapplewatch

1:01:25 In-Depth

Now that Fab has a Google+ account, we talk about the service again, this time in detail.

1:28:08 Interview

We interview Randall Ross, the Vancouver LoCo Community Manager about Ubuntu’s Community Week and what he does in the Ubuntu community.

1:41:53 Feedback

Supporters: Cynthia Cynthia, Osama Alassiry, UltrAnalog and everyone who flattr’d us

  • Tommy Watson from Down Under says “blue heelers” are dogs and not police, but after some discussion with Fab it looks like it might depend on what part of Australia you’re in
  • Remco sent a really nice email saying he enjoys the show which we appreciated
  • Frank Bell sent us a message and link about the “true Arch way
  • Shane Kerr tells us all about DHCP client identifiers — RFC 2131
  • Leon Baker emails from South Africa to let us know that he’s got Arch on his netbook now after hearing Fab talk about it; he loves it and will probably be converting more machines
  • Kevin Gustavson has been listening since Episode 84 and refers us to an Ars Technica story about American ISPs which have signed up to a new six strikes law
  • Thomas Chace says you can download all of your data from Facebook, just like from Google+ (however, it’s hidden and apparently takes forever)

We had other emails from: Ben Stokes, Yaroslav Halchenko and Matt Radford.

Song: Complicated Man by Lejo Harmeson & Essence from the album of the same name (this song is licensed under CC BY-NC-SA 3.0)