Linux Outlaws 219 – Summer LULZ

0:01:23 Introduction

0:19:54 Releases and News

0:49:25 Review: Motorola Xoom

Fab reviews the Motorola Xoom Android tablet.

1:28:49 Feedback

Supporters: Scott Evans, Kai Siers and all flattr’ers

  • Bill Kossmann from Canada really enjoys our show and particularly liked the Bitcoin episode
  • Scott Lavender sent us some thoughts on Google+
  • Douglas Crowder from Texas sends us this picture based on the US Homeland Security terror threat level colour scheme:

  • Valent pimps Fusion Linux 14.1
  • Gerd Folberth likes Fab’s political rants and says not to listen to people who say it’s boring

We had other email from Stuart Edgar, Makay Murry, Kai, Jason Gionta and Tom McCoy.

Song: The Confidence Trick by Crete Boom from the album Ne’er Do Well (this song is licensed CC BY-NC-SA 3.0)