Linux Outlaws 222 – Don’t Be Harshin’ Our Mellow

0:01:22 Introduction

0:20:48 Releases and News

0:56:59 Microwatch

1:07:28 Review

Dan reviews Gnome 3 and Fedora 15.

1:40:07 Feedback

Supporters: Anthony Fox, Evgeny Kuznetsov, Charles Thayer and flattr’ers!

  • SK Keeper tells us about SAPO Codebits in Lisbon
  • Bryson Kinder and SmokeyMaverick both referred us to an episode of This American Life about patent trolls, there’s also a forum thread if you want to discuss it
  • Alexander Wilms says the Document Foundation has set up a survey in order to get to know what will be important for their UI redesign
  • Xavier Sythe sent us a note about a petition he started to save Google Labs
  • Simon Roberts sent us a link to a BBC news story about a new mobile OS in China
  • Scott Morton says he thinks tablets are very expensive in Europe; apparently he got an Asus Eee Transformer in Canada
  • Jose Blanca discussed Linux in bioinformatics with Fab
  • Aaron Hamid sent us a link to an old Bill Gates email about Windows usability (link removed due to podcatchers being too stupid to parse a feed)

We had other emails from: Ahto Jussila, Reto, Navigium, Darren Walsh, Nigel Bird, Bruce, Robert, Gareins, Martin Danko, Henry Standing, Kostas, Daniel Vredenburg, Tom Sparrow, threexk, Matthew Smith, Kelly, K-Bear, @cheezespread, Tim in Southern California, Steve Smith and Michael Sandahl.

Song: Don’t Be Harshin’ My Mellow by Lejo Harmeson & Essence from the album Complicated Man (licensed CC BY-NC-SA)